Surface & Air disinfectant Spray - 250ml


  • Instant Protection from disease causing germs .
  • Kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria, Safe on skin. Safe on surfaces.
  • Can be used to disinfect various hard, soft surfaces and air.
  • Contains 70% Ethanol
  • Rinse free and Non sticky


One spray home protection. Good home hygiene is essential for staying healthy and ZM Labs Surface and Air Disinfectant Spray is just what your home needs. Introducing ZM Labs Surface and Air Disinfectant Spray which kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria on various hard, soft surfaces. Additionally, it also disinfects air. This 70% alcohol-based formulation helps protect you and your family from illness causing germs. It comes in an easy spray can which is convenient to use. It not only disinfects hard and soft surfaces but also leaves a pleasant fragrance. It is also safe on skin. Protect your home today from Illness causing viruses and bacteria with ZM Labs Surface and Air Disinfectant spray.


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