Hand Sanitizer Spray, Pack of 2 (250 ML Each)


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  • Instant germ protection
  • Kills 99.9% viruses*, fungi & bacteria
  • Rinse free and non sticky
  • Safe on skin and surfaces


Spray germs away with ZM Labs Hand Sanitizer Spray. ZM labs Hand sanitizer Spray kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria instantly and without water. This alcohol-based formulation helps protect you and your family from illness causing germs. ZM Labs hand sanitizer spray is rinse free, non-sticky and convenient to carry. The lemon fragrance keeps your hand refreshed with on the go protection. It can be used anytime, anywhere and even on frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, calling bells, elevator etc. It is safe on skin and safe on surfaces. ZM Labs Hand Sanitizer Spray ensures complete protection anytime, anywhere. HOW TO USE : Hold the can 15 cms away from palms, spray for 2-3 seconds. Rub on both palms until dry. Shake well before use.


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